Theme Based Workshops

We are often asked to tailor our residencies to a particular THEME. These themes are not necessarily rooted in curriculum but instead have some type of resonance with the students or the school at large. Sometimes these themes will emerge from a conversation with a particular group of students.


12th Grade

This residency with New Lebanon JR/SR High School Seniors (NY), focused on the theme of change. All of the students in the three classes shared the feeling of being in a transitional period.

"Time Never Stops" - Written by Set 1 Seniors

The Seniors performed their composition at their Spring Concert. The students participated in putting together the choral arrangement as well. 


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I Wonder

Kindergarten, 3rd and 5th Grade

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This residency took place over the course of ten days at R.J. Kinsella Magnet School of Performing Arts in Hartford, CT. Every year the school chooses a theme, and their 2015/2016 theme was "I Wonder"–inspired by the popular children's book by Annika Harris. Students used the book as a starting point for writing their songs, each one "exploring the beauty of life and the mysteries of our world." Below are a sampling of the 9 songs created in that residency.